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Black Friday is also a major event for Amazon too. Amazon, the world largest online retailer, so it will not be a surprise that buyers will flock en-mass to Amazon website looking for Black Friday deals. In anticipation of this day and the frenzy news reporting that follows, it will be difficult to keep up with latest news report on deals and offers.

So here comes this site where you will find in one place a gathering news just on Black Friday on Amazon. These news are sourced from various sources online. And they are all here in one place making it convenient to anyone who is interested.

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The Best Black Friday Deal Is Already Here: Echo Dot Just 99 Cents
Retailers are launching their Black Friday deals earlier than ever and Amazon is joining in on the fun. The retailer
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Amazon vs. Best Buy: Black Friday 2019 Preview | News & Opinion
(Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images) Starting as far back as 2013, Best Buy has been in a
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Calm before the Black Friday storm? Amazon shares slump ahead of Christmas scramble
Black Friday might be a big cash cow for Amazon, but the rising cost of doing business appears to be
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This Amazon Echo Dot deal for $0.99 will make you think it’s Black Friday
The Amazon Echo Dot is so cheap on Amazon right now that you may swear that it’s Black Friday or
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Black Friday just came early for these jaw-dropping on-ear wireless headphones – BGR
We cover a lot of deals on headphones here at BGR Deals, but one pair in particular that we always
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This $0.99 Echo Dot is an Amazon Black Friday beating mega deal
Somebody forget to tell Amazon that Black Friday is still a month away because in a new show-stopping deal, Amazon
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